Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday News And Views

Kona "Wo" fat bike due in August, $1699.00 USD
More Fat:

So I see on Facebook that a Kona dealer is taking pre-orders on a fat bike. A 2014 model they say is going to come out in August dubbed the "Wo". (Apparently a Hawaii 5-0 reference)

The bike will be an aluminum framed rig with "Kona P2 Fat Disc fork, which I would assume is steel. This bike will feature a mid to lower end spec of FSA/Shimano/Tektro and will be a 2X9 set up.

The interesting bit, of course, is who Kona is using for rims and tires. The tire is listed as a "Vee Rubber" 26" X 4.0. The rims are listed as a "Jetset" model. Hubs are JoyTech. It will be a 170mm symmetrical layout. Obviously, this is an entry level, price buster build meant to tap into the first time fat bike riders out there.

So, this just got real. Fat bikes are coming out from mid-level companies, while in the meantime rumors fly left and right concerning Specialized, Trek, and now Raleigh is being mentioned as a possible player in the fat bike market. In fact, the latest rumor is that Specialized is coming out with a three bike line up sporting fatties. Sea Otter, Trek World, and other summer dealer camps will be closely watched. I'm betting the fat bike market place is about to get real, real interesting.

Ladies are welcomed too...
It's Official:

Year three of the Renegade Gents Race 3.0 will see the third appearance of the Team Careless Whispers attacking the gravel in and around the Ankeny-Ames countryside. April 6th is the official date for this rural pillaging. 

I will be joining the same com-padres as I have the previous two years on this metric century, team time trial style gravel adventure. This event can be a good test of a group working together, or you can take it as a fun ride, or anywhere in between.

Cut off date for registering a five person team is April 1st, so if you are thinking about this, get on the stick. I was about the only non-Des Moines rider the first year, but I hear rumors that a couple of teams might be making the trek down from around here. If so, see ya on the roads.If not- you will just be missing out on fun. You probably wouldn't like fun, so there ya go. (<===HA!)

At any rate, Team Careless Whisper is going to be having FUN. We'll ride hard as well. It's always an adventure, and The Renegade Gents Race is one good adventure to go on.

If a Mukluk and a Pugs had a baby...
Moar Fat Bike Stuff!

Genesis, a U.K. based brand,  also introduced a new fat bike recently. It is called a Caribou, and is steel, of course. U.K. and all.

The Caribou is a classy looking steed, I must say. Based on the ethos of the Salsa Mukluk, with braze ons all over, and utilizing the 170mm symmetrical standard spacing on the rear hub, but using the steel tubing. It looks like the crossing of a Mukluk and a Pugsley, and I must say, I like this hybrid's looks.

In the U.K., you'll be able to get this all built up as a 1X drive train set up, or you'll be able to get just the frame and fork. Interestingly, the bike makes use of Surly rims and tires. That's unusual, and probably won't be the case should other brands jump in.

To that end, this post on details the latest Vee Rubber fat bike tire. It is similar to the Surly Knard 26 X 3.8"er in that it features lots of small-ish blocks. The big deal with this new tread is the price, ($85.00 MSRP), and that it is sealant compatible. Yep- a tubeless ready fat bike tire. You knew it would happen!

Okay, that's a wrap. Spring is springing this weekend, even if it is still very snowy out there! Get outside, ride, enjoy!


coastkid said...

Quite a bit excited about the Genesis Caribou here in the UK, Reynolds 525 steel too!, not 853 but maybe in the future!

MG said...

That Caribou is a cool looking bike...

Guitar Ted said...

@coastkid: You U.K. folk have an ever increasing list of cool steel bikes to choose from. Envious I am!

@MG: The little details, graphics, and the fact it is steel make it a real good looking bicycle.