Saturday, March 09, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Pre-Race Meat-Up Details

Hey- what time did he say to be here again?
Okay, as promised a while back, here are some details on the Pre-Race Meat-Up. I'm going to repeat some information here, but there will be a lot of news in this as well, so pay attention!  This post is here to help inform you, who may be riding in Trans Iowa V9, as to exactly what to do and what to expect concerning this event.

First of all, we were considering an alternative to going to the Grinnell Steakhouse for this meeting. While 95% of the feedback I have ever gotten about the venue is overwhelmingly positive, it doesn't mean I shouldn't consider other possibilities. In the end, it just didn't make sense from a time/money/effort perspective to do something else. Just so you all understand- here is the deal:

The Grinnell Steakhouse is a Grinnell Chamber of Commerce business and Trans Iowa wants to support local business as much as we can. The steakhouse is big enough to handle our group, plus they are willing to go out of their way to accommodate us. Furthermore, they offer us the use of their meeting room at no charge to the event. That's a big deal to me. I like talking to you folks where it is warm, dry, and where everyone can hear me. I mean- we could do the Pre-Race outside behind my truck, ala T.I.V1. I'm sure ya'all would love that at 3:00am in the morning! In the rain. Freezing to death. Yeah.....

David Pals getting things ready for the T.I.V7 Pre-Race
But to me- the most important thing is the social interaction that goes on at the event. Folks are grilling their meals, chatting, rubbing elbows with each other, and sharing fears, plans, hopes, and general chit-chat. I think it has added a lot to the Trans Iowa experience since we came there for T.I.V6.

So, that's a few important reasons why I have this event where I do. Here are some that are also very important:

  • Rider Check In: The event will commence at 4:00pm, Friday April 26th. At this time I ask that all riders start showing up to sign waivers, get race numbers, pins, and most importantly- check in and make sure you are accounted for.  If we do not get your name checked in against our roster, I won't call you up later, you won't get cue sheets, and you won't race in T.I.V9.  You have until 6:30pm to get there and do this. That said- if you are eating at the Steakhouse, come early!
  • What If I Usually Eat Grilled Alpo And Drink Raw Eggs Before Every Race- Do I Have To Eat At The Steakhouse? No- you don't, so you could show up right before 6:30pm and check in, but I wish you would eat at the Steakhouse, because if you do not, you'll miss out on a huge social aspect of the event. Your choice though.... But whatever you decide- make sure you check in before 6:30pm!!
  • Pre-Race Meat-Up: You should have checked in, eaten at the Steakhouse, paid your bill, and have made your way into the meeting room by 7:00pm. I will start the "official goings on" at that time. You will be welcomed, you will hear thank yous and acknowledgements. Then I will talk about the course, tell you about any re-routes, or course dangers. I will reiterate the time cut-offs. I will make sure you all know where the Barn is and where the Start is. I will then take questions. After that, I will do the rider call up. When you hear your name, you can pick up a bag which will contain the cues for the first 52+ miles of the 325 mile event. Then you are free to leave. 
  • I suspect this will all be done by 7:45pm, but I am giving myself till 8:00pm, just in case. 
  • What If I Can Not Get There Before 6:30pm? Can I Get My Cue Sheets At The Start Line? Really? The answer is a flat "no". Don't bother showing up at all if you even think this is an option, because it isn't an option. I will not- for any reason- give anyone cue sheets unless they show up Friday at 4:00pm-6:30pm. Figure out how you have to make that work.
Okay, that's the itinerary for Friday. It's simple. Don't screw it up!

We will start @ 4am in front of Bikes To You on Broad St.

Finally, you will all be getting an e-mail about menu choices. But so that you have a heads up, following is the meal choices and prices that the Steakhouse will be charging us. They are giving us a bit of a break on pricing due to the size of the group.

“Grill Your Own” Special
Ribeye Steak: 8-oz for $17.95  Boneless Pork Loin Filet or Marinated Chicken Breast for $13.95
Includes the Soup & Salad Bar, Potato & Toast along with a soft
Vegetable Kabobs will also be available @ $5.95 each.
There is also a Kid's Menu and there will be beer available for purchase. 

The e-mail I send will ask you to pick a menu item so that the Grinnell Steakhouse can be sure to have enough fresh food on hand for our group. Look for that in your in-boxes this week. Please respond ASAP when you do get the e-mail. Of course, if you can not attend T.I.V9 for any reason, please respond and let me know this as well.

Any questions? Hit me up in the comments section.


Barturtle said...

Just to make sure, there is room for our support drivers to attend as well?

Guitar Ted said...

@Barturtle: Yes, absolutely!