Thursday, March 01, 2007

Big Wheeled Ballyhoo

I had a long conversation with Crooked Cog Network founder Tim Grahl last night concerning the upcoming Big Wheeled Ballyhoo. I can't say exactly what is going to happen, at least in a concrete plan sort of way yet, but the things being discussed are really exciting.

We have several big names in 29"ers commited to coming and demoing their rigs. So, there will be lots of cool bikes to ride. There will be guided trail rides, a "fun" enduro type of event, time to ride on your own, and lots of bicycle folks to share it all with. There is talk of local musicians putting on a show of some sort, and even a get together at a local hangout is on the table for discussion.

I'm going up to meet with the fine folks in Decorah this Friday if the weather lets me. Last Friday it didn't! I'll know alot more after that meeting and the details will be alot clearer.

All I can say is plan on having some Big Wheeled Fun on the weekend of June 23rd - 24th!

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