Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday News and Views

Mamasita in the 'Hood: My friend Captain Bob got his Mamasita from a small first alotment of the bikes. (Shocks........pegs........Lucky!) Anyway, he's building up one sweet machine out of it. I can't wait for his first ride report. Having had the chance to ride a Mamasita preproduction sample last November, I would bet that he'll have a broad, unceasing smile! I'll be sure to pass along any reaction that I hear from him on that sweet, and for now extremely rare rig. Check out his half built rig here.

Gary Bar Is Ready! I have the Gary bar mounted and ready to go on a first ride, but my brake pads won't show up until later today. Perhaps I'll get a short ride in on Saturday to make any final tweaks. I've got some family obligations to attend to Sunday, so my time to ride will be somewhat minimal, but I'll do what I can! I'll say that they remind me a ton of the original WTB drops which were modified Cinelli bars in reality. Stay tuned! More to come on these bars!

Several Stories In "Top Secret Mode": One of the toughest things for me to do is to stay quiet about new bikes in developement or that are about to be released. I have three such things under wraps from three different bike companies/builders that I just can't wait to share.......but I have to! All I'll say now is that they will be eye openers for alot of folks! Stay tuned here and to Twenty Nine Inches because as soon as I can spill the beans, I will!

Speaking of "Secret Projects".... My own secret project bikes are both still in progress. #1 is in the line now for construction. If all goes well, I should see some results by Trans Iowa time, but that's not a guarantee. We'll see. Project #2 is nearly finished being brazed up. The report I got the other day indicated that it's going to be pretty cool, so I'm excited. Once the last couple of tubes and the braze ons are done, it'll be time for powdercoating. Color choices! Talk about something that drives you nuts! I think I have something in mind, but I'm going to wait until I have to choose before choosing! I am still mulling over some of the parts selection too. Since both are to be single speeders, I won't have much to have to choose! That's good. I already have wheels lined up, so no worries there, and brakes will be Avid BB-7's for sure. Brooks saddle on one of them, the other probably something more modern. One of them is getting a Gary or Midge bar for sure, maybe both of them. More fine details to come!

Well, that's about all for today's installment. If you're bored, or weather doesn't permit you to ride your bike, check out this rant on bicycle lubes for kicks. By the way, I'll be updating my lube comparo soon. See you out on the trails! Ride that two wheeled contraption! It's good!

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