Friday, March 09, 2007

Thule 916-T2 2 Bike Hitch Rack: First Impression




The Thule 916-T2 rack went for a test spin and the short story is, it's a great rack! The above three pictures pretty much epitomize the ease of use of the T-2 when you realize that it took me as long to click off the pics as it did to load the bike! That's from the folded posistion to ready to drive away!

The really cool thing, again, is the no touch retention system for the bicycles frame. The finish on your trusty steed will not be damaged if you use this rack correctly. In addition to that, your bike isn't going anywhere either. "Solid" pretty much describes the way your bike is held on the rack and also the way the rack rides in your reciever. The threaded hitch pin keeps the T-2 from swaying in the breeze. That's reassuring when you are carting around thousands of dollars worth of two wheeled goodness.

One feature I didn't mention yet is that by pulling out a pin and pulling back on the rack's release lever, you can lower the bikes down and back just far enough to lift the end gate on most vehicles so you can find that item you left in the cargo area, or load that last bit of gear you forgot. Nice!

Finally, you can get a few nice additions to your T-2 to enhance the rack. Locking cylinders can fit into the ratcheting arms to prevent the bike from being stolen and a locking hitch pin is also available.

Now it's off for the brutal, real test. A 1350mile one way trip to El Paso, Texas. If the T-2 passes that one, I'll come back with it!

Note: Guitar Ted Productions will be basking in the Southwestern sun for 10 days, so don't expect regular updates. I will post as I can gain access to a computer. Have a great week!

Ride your bike!

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