Friday, March 02, 2007

A Customer Service Story

I recently had an experience with a cycling accessory manufacturer that I thought I would pass along to all of you. It's a rare thing these days when a company- large or small- will cater to you personally. I was amazed, so that's why the story is here:

The company in question is Walz Cycling Caps. I was introduced to them via some entrants into this years Trans Iowa. In fact, Walz came on board with us as a sponsor, which is great in itself! (Thanks Walz!) However that may be, I still would be writing this story, since the sponsorship thing is really totally separate, other than my being made aware of the company.

Well, the caps that Walz sent up for prizing were really nice, but they didn't fit my rather! I expected as much, since I rarely find any hats to fit. When it says one size fits most, I find out I'm in the least category! So, I found the Walz caps to be in the same mold as about every other hat I've tried. No big. I would've loved to be able to have and wear a cycling hat, but I'm reserved to the thought of being a non-cycling hat wearer and have been for a long time.

Enter in a friend of mine who also got turned on to Walz caps at the same time. He purchased one direct and started wearing it. He felt it was a bit too tight and it gave him a headache because of this. Wanting to find out if Walz had any suggestions for stretching it out just a bit, he e-mailed them. Well, to his surprise Walz decides to make him a whole new hat, slightly larger, and send it out at no extra charge! My friend was amazed and was relating this to me. I thought, heck......why not ask them for a larger cap for me? So I e-mailed them a request.

A few e-mails later I had a cap in the works that would fit me. It arrived about ten days later and I'm delighted to say it fits just right! The price was very reasonable and the service was awesome. Basically, it was a custom cap, but Walz is making an adjustment to their cap line to fit a bit larger heads than they had fit before. This is cool! A company that went out of it's way to accommodate my friend and I and at a super price. My cap cost about $15.00 including shipping.

So, yeah....Walz Caps is a sponsor of Trans Iowa, so of course I'm going to be a bit prejudiced in that way, but this new cap for my head is another deal altogether. I highly recommend them if you like cycling caps. They are a great accessory for riding to help keep the sun off your head when worn underneath a helmet. They have a visor that you can flip up when you don't want it. They cover up your "helmet hair" when you go in for your mid ride espresso. They even keep the sweat out of your eyes, all while looking cool. Check out their site, there are lots of different styles and choices.

Thanks to Walz, I'll be sportin' my very own cycling hat this year.

One size!

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