Thursday, March 29, 2007

Origin 8 "Gary" Bar: Update

Here's some comparative numbers on the Gary bar vs. the Midge bar. I was able to remove the Midge and mount up the Gary bar on the Karate Monkey, but the switch wasn't made complete before I had a chance to scrutinize both bars side by side.

Weight: Midge bar = 250 grams
Gary bar = 320 grams

Width: (Note: measurement taken outside to outside at the widest point)
Midge bar = 58cm.
Gary bar = 58cm.

Drop: (Note: measurement taken center line of drop extension to centerline of flat upper section)
Midge = 102.5mm
Gary = 92.5mm

Flats Width: (the upper portion of the bar, either side of the stem clamp to where bar starts to curve to drop section)
Midge = 37cm.
Gary = 28cm

Drop extension length: ( The portion of the drop that is flat- from the hook to the tip)
Midge = 8.5cm.
Gary = 9.5cm.

The differences are subtle, but there. The most notable difference being the slope( or flare as some call it) of the Gary bars drop section which limits the width of the top section in comparison to the Midge. This also cants the brake levers more making them appear to be nearly horizontal from the saddle, which is nearly mustache bar territory. Some may not like that, but again: You are supposed to ride in the drops all the time on these bars. If you can't, they aren't high enough, most likely.

Obviously, weight weenies are going with the Midge bar, but at 320 grams, the Gary isn't a pig, especially when considering the fact that it's designed for the rigors of off roading and is half the price of a Midge bar. By the way, the makers mark on the Gary is from the Kalloy company, which makes some decent parts, albeit heavy, for lots of mountain bikes. I checked the Midge bar for it's makers mark. I found some numbers, but no branding. That's not to say anything other than I don't know who made the thing for On One. I do know it was On One's own engineering and design, so it's obviously worth riding off road, just judging from the reputation of their stuff at On One.

So, the riding of the Gary bar will commence soon, ( after my disc brake pads arrive!) and I'll let you know what I think of the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two bars. Stay tuned!
UPDATE: Brant of On One was kind enough to fill me in and tell me that a company called Premetec manufactures these Midge bars and also bars for the likes of WTB, Syncros, Bontrager, and frame tubing for Trek as well. So, as I suspected, it's a fine outfit that can be trusted and has vast experience in producing bars for off roading. Thanks to Brant and appologies for any inconveniences this may have caused!

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