Monday, March 19, 2007

For Better or Worse............

I'm back!

What a trip! I've got some decent photos of the Franklin Mountain State Park ride I was on to share and also my thoughts on the gear I was riding. Right now, I'm in total recovery mode though.

I got sick traveling yesterday and I am still on the mend this morning, but feeling tons better. 27 hours of road time in two days with a family, (One child of which was sick too) will stress you out physically and mentally just a bit. But hey! It's all training, right?

Okay, so I see you guys up here have seen fit to rid the Mid West of ice and snow. Good on ya! That was a great sight to see. However: the temps need a bit of work! I was spoiled rotten by 80's and 90's all week with sunshine everyday. And on a rather odd note: I couldn't buy a sunburn if I wanted it. Even my daughter, who gets beet red at the drop of a hat in the sun was fine all week. Odd!

Look for a few pictures and story on my mountain bike ride tomorrow.

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