Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday News and Views

Basketball and Bicycles: While I am definitely not a fan of NBA basketball, I have to report that Cannondale has sold a minority ownership stake to star forward, LeBron James. It seems that Mr. James uses cycling as a training tool, and that he has excess amounts of cash, so what the heck? To be fair, James' does give bicycles to kids through his self named foundation, which he hopes helps promote healthier lifestyles amongst today's youth. 29"er content: Cannondale made James a custom 29"er with a modified Lefty based on the Caffeine F-29.

Marin Bikes To Introduce 29"ers?: I read on the inner-web that Marin Bikes may be about to announce a line up of 29"ers for '08. Apparently, models in aluminum and steel are slated for production being configured as hardtails. Single speed and geared models are part of the plan here. After being one of the only "second tier" manufacturers to not show any kind of 29"ers at Interbike in '06, it looks like Marin might have seen the ship leaving the dock and decided to leap on board. Stay tuned for any more developements concerning Marin's 29"ers.

Decorah, Iowa Is The Place: I am heading up to Decorah to meet with folks concerning the upcoming Trans Iowa and Big Wheeled Balyhoo events that are to be held in this North East Iowa town. People unfamiliar with the area always give me a hard time about "mountain biking in Iowa", as if there isn't anything but flat, featureless corn and bean fields for miles and miles. Well, those in the know are hip to the fact that Decorah is unlike anywhere else in Iowa and doesn't fit the mold of the common view of the state at all. I say come to the BWB and find out for yourself. The dates are June 23rd and 24th. More fine details are coming. Stay Tuned!

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