Monday, March 05, 2007

Riding On H2O

Sunday's ride brought to you by...... H2O: Good in the Twin Six water bottle, good in you, and good to ride on frozen with your Haro Mary XC. So many ways to enjoy H2O! Try some today! Remember, H2O: Life's not the same without it!

Here you can see one of the snowy sections I traversed. (My tracks are at the right of center there) You couldn't ask for better conditions. 30 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, light winds, and icy crust under the snow. For snow riding on a 29"er, it was the bomb!

Took this bit of the Trolley Car Trail which was packed down so hard it was like riding singletrack dirt! I suppose the XC skiers wouldn't have liked me on this, but I barely left any tracks. Besides, they have only a few days left and this stuff will probably be un-skiable. Temps are forecast to start rising above freezing everyday now.

I noticed this crown-sickle on the Mary while taking the above photo. Had to take a shot!

Also noticed this ice-fender that started to form around my back tire. Weird stuff like that happens on snowy rides.

Well, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the last good snow ride of the season there. The rest of the week will be primarily commuting, and getting ready to peel out of town on Saturday for the big vay-cay. When I get back, the snow will most likely be almost gone, if not totally gone. Another strange thought that I had was that I was riding on snow yesterday and I'll be riding on desert sand in a week if all goes well. That will be really nice.

Keep in mind that due to travel and limited computer access I'll be posting less next week. I'll get in what I can though.

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