Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Eye On The Skies

This time of the year here can be a mixed bag for weather. So, we cyclists keep an extra close eye on the skies. Seems that for now, we have a few wet days ahead of us, but at the beginning of the week, we are supposed to have summer-like weather!

But as I said, this is a volatile time of the year and things can change in a hurry. In fact, the ten day forecast has snow in it! Then it looks to be cold and blustery for a bit. Speaking of blustery, we really haven't had the days upon days of windy weather yet either, which normally is a part of this time of year. Is it coming? Who knows?

All of this may keep the trails a bit too wet to do much off roading for the near future. I haven't heard anything about the Boy Scout Camp yet, but I'm itchin' to ride there again. The in town trails are still pretty wet, and there is lots of trash from the recent ice storm.

Then there is the Trans Iowa V3 thing coming up in about, what? 34 days now? Well, I'm already checking the weather for that time! As if it will actually be accurate! The thing is though, the weather has a huge effect upon the event, and I always am anxious to know as much ahead of time as I can.

Speaking of being anxious about the weather, I bet the guys on the S.O.S. Trans Iowa training ride are pretty anxious today about the weather! Check here later for updates about today's long gravel prelude to T.I.V3.

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