Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Smell of Dirt

Last night I was walking outside and got a sniff of the wind. "Ahh.....dirt!
Yes, it's that time of year when the frost starts coming out and you can smell the earth in the air. I love it! I love it, because it means off roading is just around the corner.

Right now, we have alot of moisture to deal with, some flooding, and the aforementioned frost working it's way out of the ground. The winds of spring and the more direct rays of the sun will be taking care of that in a hurry. Nothing to worry about.

Sometimes I imagine I must look like a dog on the hunt when I stop to sniff that wonderful smell each spring. It certainly sets off a desire to head to the woods with the bike and go rushing through the flotsam and jetsam of the departing winter. To look for signs of green stuff coming back to life after a cold winters sleep. To see signs of life ressurected from a dull brown landscape.

Ahhh.....the smell of dirt!

What more can I say?

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