Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rocky Road

A quick note from El Paso, Texas for you all. I am having fun doing lots of family activities and hanging out. I did manage to break away for a ride and it's like stupid rocky down here! Dirt is a rare find, but broken up rock, gravel, boulders, and cacti are in abundance. The arroyos and washes are filled with pithy sand and gravel that's nearly unrideable. Anyway, it's fun to be out riding in 90 plus degree weather without a cloud in the sky for once.

The Dos Niner performed flawlessly, if not at it's limits most of the time. Me? I need some work. Elevation plus heat plus not in good shape yet = OUCH! Good for the soul! I didn't expect anything less.

I'll be back late Sunday and regular postings will commence on Monday. I look forwards to telling all the stories and getting some pics posted.

By the way, El Paso has some really tough riding, if you are ever in the area, stop and try it!

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