Friday, August 15, 2008

A Trek To The Trek Show

Today I'm heading out to Madison, Wisconsin for the annual dealer show. I'll be checking out all the news and rumors to be had up there. Here is a smattering of what I'll be poking my nose around for:

-Pictures of '09 product. Mostly 29"ers, but anything else that is interesting too.

-Rhythm rim strips. Like when? Or will they ever come out?

-Bontrager Inform women's saddles. Again, when?

-Tires. Anything new for 29"ers?

-Fisher road bikes. I thought it was Klein......but what about......uhhh.....Huh?

-Superfly single speed employee purchase!

Other things will pop up, I'm sure. Anyway, that's what I'm up to this weekend. Checking out bikes, bike stuff, and bike people. I should be back with a report later Sunday.

In Other News: If you work in the bicycle industry, and are a cyclo-cross freak, there is a sweet deal on a wheel set that was just announced today. Dura Ace wheels, with Hutchinson tubeless ready tires, and a 105 12-27 cassette. The big deal here is that the Hutch tires are tubeless ready, (just use Fast Air sealant to use tubeless) and the Dura Ace wheels are tubeless compatible. So, a complete wheel set, ready to rage cross. The report I read says that crossers are running sub-30 psi in these with better lap times, better traction, and no pinch flats. Doesn't surprise me. Tubeless ready tires also will not roll off the rims and can be safely ridden to the pits if flatted.

I'm not a cyclo-cross guy, but this sounds like a sweet deal.

Ponca 155 Saturday: If it hadn't been for the Trek Show this weekend, this is where I would have been going. The Ponca 155 is sort of like the Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational in that you ride with a group on scenic gravel for an insanely long distance. This year they are thinking of riding back from Ponca the next day to Lincoln where the start is! Amazing. I can't wait to hear about this!

Camp Ingawanis Trails Update: The guys did some clearing out of dead falls and some trail cutting the other evening there and they are declaring the South Unit finished and ready for riding. Supposedly Captain Bob's Berm Trail is more easily accessed as well. If you are a local, please don't forget to check in at the kiosk located at the headquarters on the North side. Just take the service road straight in and go about three blocks distance and it'll be on your left. Cost is $4;00 for a day pass or you can opt for membership in the Auxiliary for a bit more moolah. Just one more note: There is an archery competition going on in the North Unit this weekend, so those trails are closed to mountain biking for the weekend.

Summer is waning quickly and Fall is on its way. Get out and ride yer bicycles folks!

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