Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's All About Bikes, Ya'all!

<====Roadie versus......

Ya know, I ran into this again on the other day and every time I see this, it makes me wonder. "Why can't we all see, it's just about bikes?" How is it that we have to look down on "X" type of cyclist?

Really, I don't get it and I'm not buyin' into it.

<===.....Urban hipster versus.......

Ya know, it's two wheels, a crank set, a chain, and rear cog(s). Something to tie it all together and somewhere to sit, (or not, as the case may be)

Some folks draw the lines between those components in different ways, but really, they are still all just bicycles.

<===....Sixty-Niners versus.......

Even I have been accused of "the hatred" on occasion. Now while it is true some "claims" I take offense to, or disagree with from time to time, the end result of anything I have to say is that it is just a bike. Go ride it and be happy. It may not be my version of "what works", but I applaud anybody that chooses to ride two wheels. That works every time.

<===...versus Twenty-Niners. Whatever!

There are about as many ways to travel on two wheels by means of human power as there are humans. All of them are bicycles. Get over yourself. You are a bicyclist. Part of a big peloton of two wheeled freaks and fanatics. It's all good.

Whatever you may think of Trek and Lance Armstrong in particular, their latest propaganda is spot on when they say, "We believe in bikes."

Not just mountain bikes, road bikes, recumbent, 69ers, all mountain/freeride/down hill bikes, cross country bikes, BMX bikes, Wall Mart bikes, urban/fixie bikes, or what ever.

No, just, "We believe in bikes."


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