Wednesday, August 13, 2008

They Said It Couldn't Be Done

You know, our memories are kind of a short term thing these days. no wonder too, what with all of the crapola that gets shoved into our faces on a daily basis. In the realm of staying on track here, I won't get into a rant on that today! I just mention it in regards to the brief history of the modern 29"er.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember that really, we've got it made. I think back to 2003 when I got the Karate Monkey. You could count the tire choices on one hand that I could get for it. There were two suspension forks. Two! Neither one of them would even be considered a choice in 2008.

So I come around finally to the point here of today's post. That being the oft heard comments back a few years ago whenever someone would bring up the idea of a long travel, full suspension 29"er. "No way, you will never see it. It doesn't make sense with big wheels. They are too flexy, there isn't a fork, there are no tires, the chain stays would be miles long. It is a ridiculous notion. Go back to your single speed wagon wheeler and be happy!"

Yeah, well it is happening right now and it is going to work. Five inch travel 29"ers have actually already been pounding trails for awhile now. More five inch travel stuff is on the way. This fall we'll see some six inchers hit the scene. It seems incredible, but these bikes will actually be very good at what they are intended for. Every bit as good as a 26"er could be. There will be a new, as yet unseen fork, new rims, tires, and everything will be top notch. Freeride, All Mountain, whatever you want to call it, you'll be able to choose the big wheels now and have a blast on them.

And to think they said it couldn't be done!

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