Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big News For The Shop

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may have caught on that I wrench at Europa Cycle and Ski. I have worked there nearly 9 years now, and was a wrench at a former Cedar Falls shop before this. Well, the shop just made a change yesterday that I think is going to be awesome.
Salsa Cycles Is Coming!

I've been a big fan of Salsa Cycles for a long time. Their recent change to being "adventure focused" follows on my view that "adventuring" will be/is the next big trend in cycling in the U.S. If recent happenings at Salsa are any indication, I think I am right, and they are on to something.

So, a bit of a disclaimer is in order. The shop where I work has been pursuing becoming a Salsa Cycles dealer for the last six months. I suppose I have influenced that to some degree, but I do not own, nor manage the shop where I work. I am "just a mechanic". Okay? Of course, I am thrilled that Europa is a Salsa dealer now, but it wasn't my decision to pull the trigger on this.

Now, when I speak of Salsa Cycles products, I will be reminding you all that now I work at a Salsa Cycles dealership. Just so you know, it doesn't matter from the standpoint of these digital pages whether we are or are not a dealer where I work, but I think being up front about that is what I should do. I will still be giving you my honest opinion on the brand's products.

What It Means For The Shop And Locals: Soon, and I don't know exactly when, Europa will have a nice, entry level selection of Salsa Cycles bicycles. You'll be able to check out Fargo's, a Vaya or two, an El Mariachi, a Mukluk, and a Casseroll.

I think the customers of the shop will really be well served by these models. They offer a lot of things the other lines the shop carries don't, and Salsa's designs work very well.

I'm stoked about this, because I really like my Fargo and my Mukluk. My old '07 El Mariachi is one of my favorite rigs as well. Salsa has other bikes like the upcoming Horsethief full suspension rig, the Spearfish full suspension rigs, the Chile Con Crosso cross bike, and the Mamasita as well which the shop is not bringing in, but I assume we can order these. Oh yeah, did I mention that there are titanium versions of several of these models? Yup, there are, and those titanium bikes are made in the U.S.A. as well.

So, there ya go. Just thought I should let everyone know what's up.


Joe said...

That's awesome!!! Wayne's in Mason City recently became Salsa dealers too. I was in there yesterday and they had a Mukluk, Fargo, and Casseroll on the floor. Classy bikes!! I picked up a Salsa Everything Cage to try on the Pugsley fork. It works great!


Steve Fuller said...

Congrats on picking up the new line. :)

Captain Bob said...

bout time! very cool!

Ari said...

Good luck and enjoy working with a bunch of really good people.

MG said...

That's awesome Mark. We'll call that great progress!


forgivenick said...

Adventure Cycling is indeed the next big thing...at least for me and my El Mariachi. Thats why I got it and I can't think of a better brand to carry than Salsa Cycles. Congrats to the shop. It is a smart business decision as well as a smart decision for the cycling community.

don said...


here is a link to some of the adventure already had, one bike is a fargo(mine) along with a 907, fatbike and some assorted mtn. bikes. enjoy