Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time For A Concept Bike! Part V

Inspiration: BMC #42
I figured I would use this space on weekends to do the updates, (when I have them), on the Project Gravel Bike.

The latest is that I will be doing a design with some input from a close friend and then plans will be drawn up to base measurements off of. That's the next action I am taking, at any rate.

Then it will be time to make a few concrete decisions. Stuff like lugs, fork crowns, and tubing have to be decided on and then purchased. Some discussion has already taken place in this regard. Sounds like a plate crown fork is being discussed. I like those a lot!

The builder says he'll likely be doing a frame alongside this one, and by the sounds of it, I'll be doing much of the work on this frame for myself. So, look for updates periodically as I get things rolling here with this gravel bike.

Oh, and as for "Orange Crush", I want you all to know I still really like that frame, and once I get the new frame readied, BMC #42 will become a single speed again.


Guitar Ted said...

@Tom: Tubing selection is still up for grabs. It will likely have an 1 1/8th head tube, plate crown fork, and oversize main tubes.

Guitar Ted said...

Oh! And yes, a lugged joinery. Sorry! I almost forgot to answer that part of your question.

shmunn said...

So- Will you be selling the orange crush?