Friday, August 26, 2011

Bonus Post! New OBP Brand 45North Announces Fat Tire!

I've been aware that a new Quality Bicycle Products brand was being developed aroun the idea of cold weather riding called "45North". I figured it would be about gear and clothing, which it is, but they dropped this bomb on facebook today about a fat bike tire.

This on the heels of Surly's downlaod I reported on yesterday, and it would appear that the fat bike is poised to make huge in roads into cycling.....or fail miserably! 

I'm betting it'll do quite nicely!  I am excited about this tire, since it seems to be the bicycle equivalent of "Blizzak" tires for cars. Siped knobs get better grip, and a more open pattern to disperse snow makes sense for my winter commutes.

This tire is supposed to hit just before winter here. I can't wait to slap a pair of these on the Snow Dog!

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