Saturday, August 27, 2011


After yesterday's, (and the day before that!), bombardment of "fat" stuff, it was time to let the battered brain cells soak it all in. Some of that was helped along by having a couple of conversations with Ben Witt.

Not built up yet....Soon though!
Ben called and we chatted about the tires, and all the possibilities! Fat bike cruisers, fat bike cargo rigs, fat bike rock crawlers, and of course, fat bikes in winter, were all topics we covered.

You know, these are not "just for snow" anymore. (Well, they never have been just for snow, right Marty?) Throw on some Black Floyd tires and ride paved surfaces, smooth dirt, gravel, and sand all day long. Put on the Nate 3.8's and claw your way up unthinkable climbs. Or squeeze into some ridiculously humongous Big Fat Larrys and float over......well, just about whatever you'd want to, I guess! The choices have become mind-boggling.

By the way, it has been decided that I shall build my wheels with Ben up in Faribault over the Labor Day weekend. So, look for some fat riding goodness after that point on my new hubs.

More Conversations: And today I'll likely broach the subject of the gravel grinder rig with the builder as we are riding together tomorrow. It should prove to be an interesting journey, building this frame. I think it will be pretty fun.

Next week is Eurobike already Holy Cow! I'm gonna be really busy with posts and then I'm off to Interbike September 11th. Not too far away! Man! Next thing ya know it's going to be October. Crazy!

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