Monday, August 22, 2011

What I Missed And What I Didin't

Well, with the summer almost gone, there are some things I am thinking about that I haven't done. I really, really want to do these things, but either it is too late, or I chose something else, or fate wasn't in my corner. Oh well......

Malcom, NE
Gravel Worlds were this past weekend, and that was one of the deals I really wanted to get to. More for the folks down that way than for the riding, but the riding is fantastic. Lincoln cycling folks are top notch. I have always been welcomed there and treated great by those people and I know I am not the only one that feels that way.

Things just didn't swing the right way for me to get there this year, but I did get to ride my bicycle with my son, and spent a bunch of time with my family, which is always a good trade off.

In fact, I rode my Snow Dog. It never ceases to amaze me. The looks people give me, and the comments I get while riding that bike. Awesome! Oddly enough, I rode one of Ben Witt's 36"ers around town for a couple of months and no one batted an eyelash! Weird.

Sawyer In The Morning Light
I also got out on Saturday to ride in Geo Wyth State Park. I checked out the Alice Wyth Lake section of trails and they were super fast.

Yes......there were spiders. Not as many as what you'd have to deal with on a Saturday morning at The Camp this time of year, but there were some anyway.

The funny thing about the trails out there is that while most re-furbished or newer trails are just fine, I came across a ludicrously tight section of trail that, well......defies description. I can't say what was going on in the minds of those that put that chunk of trail in, but it folds back on itself so tightly that riding it, or running it makes it seem as though you are on a dirt version of a bad merry-go-round. I know it seems sometimes like some things would be a good idea while walking a trail, but put yourself on a bicycle, or run it, and it all becomes a very different story.

The good news is that it is a very short bit of trail, and there is a optional pass-by. Crazy. Besides that section, I say "well done" to those who worked hard in putting the trails in and fixing the old ones up. That Alice Wyth section rips. Good stuff.

Okay, I still have a lot of the year left, and many things to do. I hopefully will get some of these things checked off my list before the year ends. I'm going to be quite busy, I am.

And then there is Trans Iowa to think about.........

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