Thursday, December 22, 2011

Harvesting Parts.

You will donate your parts to my Ti awesomeness!
Okay....enough with all the teasers, here is the entire frame for ya'all to look over. This is the Salsa Cycles Mukluk Ti frame. (It comes with a pewter Lip-Loc seat collar, an Enabler front fork, the Problem Solvers front derailleur direct mount,  and a spare driveside drop out that has the derailleur hangar integral to it.)

Those sharp eyed amongst you will notice that the cables are not routed down the down tube on this one. They are run underneath the top tube and underneath each seat stay. No funky rear brake route.

The down tube is bi-axially ovalized for strength and stiffness, the head tube is reinforced, and is a 1 1/8th standard diameter. (Getting rather odd to see that these days) There are three bottle mounts on this size Large, with two more on the fork. The down tube and fork can also mount Salsa Cycles "Anything Cages", which are designed for canisters and dry bags. The rear drop outs are the Salsa Cycles "Altenator Drop Outs" which allow for single speed set up, or I suppose one could fine tune their wheel base with those as well. Again- there is a derailleur compatible Altenator plate also supplied with the frame, and that isn't shown here.

Also not shown is the Problem Solvers Direct Mount Adapter for the Mukluk. This allows for the fitment of a front derailleur, if desired. I'm not planning on using a front derailleur right away, so that part will be omitted from my build initially.

Some things were sacrificed along the way...
I've got a load of parts sitting at the shop waiting for me to pay for them so I can get started on this little project. I'll get into all of that later, but I will detail the parts I "harvested" yesterday to help with the completion of this rig.

I always like to incorporate a bit of the vintage or otherwise "old" into my new bike builds, and this one is no different. The specific parts that are old here will actually be some of the most notable/noticeable ones too.

First up, I have the Surly rear hub, which was one of the super rare purple anodized ones they did several years ago. This hub will become the center piece for the front wheel, and will be part of my theme, color-wise, for this build. I like purple. It is one of my favorite colors. That said, I won't be going overboard with it. Just a few highlights will be enough. By the way, the hub was laced to one of my 29"er wheels, which I sacrificed for this build.

Bead blasted panel
The next keystone to this theme is my  Chris King head set in purple ano, so graciously gifted to me by George over at Bike This head set was amongst the very last three purple ano head sets ever made by Chris King. This head set was in my old '07 El Mariachi, which was torn down for this project.

There will be one other purple bit, but I will cover that in the new parts later.

Another harvested part here is the WTB SST leather covered saddle, which also came from my old El Mariachi. SST's or Pure V saddles are my favorites. I like Brooks B-17's as well, but this is going to be used as a mountain/trail bike, so I don't want a B-17 on there for that reason.

The grips, Ergon Bio-Kork models, were also ripped from the El Mariachi, and will provide a nice, comfy perch for the hands that shouldn't suck any heat out in the cold, but will work great in summer too.

Finally, there are the new, never before installed FSA SLK parts. The seat post, handle bar, and stem have been sitting on the hold shelf waiting for a special project, and this is it.

I'll have more on the parts for this titanium frame coming soon, which I suppose I should name "By-Tor", since the other Mukluk is named "The Snow Dog", eh?


mw said...

in the beginning of consideration of what to sell to make room for a fat bike...

KJR said...

What's your plan for the purple El Mariachi? Going to retire it?

Guitar Ted said...

@KJR: It's been retired to the rafters for the time being.