Sunday, December 11, 2011

T.I.V8: The Registration Is Done, Now What?

Registration closed last night and the roster is set for another Trans Iowa. First I'll give my thoughts on the folks that got in and then I'll give you a look at what's next in terms of Trans Iowa.

Well, it turned out to be pretty interesting at the end there! A last small slug of Vet entries took away whatever hope a few Rookies had of sliding into T.I.V8 without sitting on The Waiting List to see if they can get in. Veterans came within two of filling out their class this time, which surprises me a bit, I guess, especially considering who didn't get into the event from the Finishers and Veterans pool.

Notable Trans Iowa folks that are generally factors in the event like Tim Ek, Joe Meiser, and Sean Mailen elected not to come back. That said, there are Rookies in the event that are amongst Tour Divide finishers and premier rando events like Paris-Brest-Paris. (I'll let them introduce themselves when the time is right.)

Then there are some folks entered into Trans Iowa V8 that go waaaaay back to the beginnings of the event in '05. It's great to have finishers and vets from those early editions signing on to T.I.V8. Of course, we also have several folks back with extensive Trans Iowa experience, and most notable of these is Jim McGuire, who has been in every edition of Trans Iowa so far. (I am pretty sure he is alone in that distinction now.)

And let's not forget the 41 Rookies, most of whom I have never met, and I look forward to seeing you all in April! Last, but not least, we have 4 Women that will be toeing the line in Grinnell. I'll be rooting for all of that class to finish big time. Thanks for taking the chance!

So, what's next? This was a great question I got from one of the Rookies while Registration was still on. Here's the details of what will be happening on my end, and what you need to be paying attention to in the coming months.
  • The Waiting List: First off, it is a reality that some of you Roster spot holders will end up finding out- for whatever reasons- that you won't be at T.I.V8. If that is the case, please let me know ASAP. There are about 15 people sitting on the list that could have a shot at getting into T.I.V8 if you drop out before January 31st. After 1/31/12, the Roster will not be replenished from the Waiting List. Generally I get from 3-7 early drop outs. Most folks pop off the Roster in the month preceding a T.I., which is too little time to be prepared for a triple century plus event. 
  • On my end, I have to tidy up recon, formulate cue sheets, set time limits, get odds and ends like number plates, (or not), and find some Volunteers. Grinnell details will be hammered out, and Pre-Race Meat-Up details will be finalized. All this during the Winter and early Spring, when I can fit it in. I'll be dealing with sponsors, getting logistics squared away, and contacting you all via e-mail about the Pre-Race Meat-Up menu. 
  • Meanwhile, you all should be training, experimenting with gear choices, be making reservations for a motel, (See the site for details on our lodging deal), and making sure you are going to be at the Friday, April 27th Pre-Race Meat-Up.  This meeting is mandatory to be able to ride in T.I.V8. Don't be late, and don't miss it. You will not ride if you are either one of those. 
  • The Day of the event starts out really early! You should plan on being at the start line by 3:30am, with the controlled roll out at 4:00am sharp! You will have an allotted amount of time to travel gravel roads 51 or so miles to Checkpoint #1. If you are late- even by a minute- your day will be done. Those that get through will get another set of cues leading them to Checkpoint #2. Again, another time limit must be met. Those fortunate enough to reach Checkpoint #2 before the cut-off, and want to continue, will get another set of cues to the finish in Grinnell, Iowa. You must finish by 2pm Sunday, April 29th to be considered a Finisher. 
Okay, that's a brief and incomplete overview of the events leading up to T.I.V8 and some brief descriptions of the event itself. I'll go over more of this in detail in the coming weeks and months. If there are any questions, please leave a comment, or send an e-mail to me.


HDHB said...

wheres the roster for trans iowa v8 will it be posted here or on the trans iowa page.

Guitar Ted said...

Did you go look at the T.I. site? (Hint: Scroll down! It is a long page.)

Bret Glembocki said...

Could you post the waiting list? Would like to know if you got my post card, and where I sit on the list. Thanks!

Guitar Ted said...

@Bret: #16

Bret Glembocki said...

Thanks. Field limit of 116??...150? ...I'll keep my fingers' crossed!