Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Road To Recovery

You know, there are some things in most of our lives we'd rather forget. Things like that window you broke when you were seven, the time you put the car in the ditch in high school, or maybe ever asking that one person out. Whatever it is, we all have those moments. I had a weekend that was mostly forgettable on that same level.

Lincoln Stars vs Waterloo Blackhawks
Now.....don't get me wrong. There were some highlights. That said, it wouldn't take a whole lot to rise above the depths of what was Friday. Yeah....there were about four hours in there I'd rather not ever go through again!

Got kids? well, if you do, you will understand the following. My son came down ill on Wednesday night. Bad vomiting, stomach ache, head ache- the typical 24 hour deal. Well, he ended up sharing that with the entire Guitar Ted household.

And wouldn't ya know it? I got the worst end of the stick. My insides were at war with me, and they almost won. Almost. (There was a bit there where I wish they would have won, and that I could just die. Really. )

I won't go into all the gory details. Just know that when devoid of almost all bodily fluids, you really get weak, and the hurt is really bad. It has been a slow walk back from that pit the rest of the weekend. Not that I am back yet either. I'm not. You just don't bounce back at my age like you used to.

So, no bike riding for me this weekend. It was pretty darn nice out there too, for a mid-December weekend, that is. I actually was planning on doing some Trans Iowa recon, but alas. Not to be.

I did get to play my guitar at the church, make a lot of noise, and went to a hockey game with my two kids, who are almost recovered themselves. Mrs. Guitar Ted is the one sick now. She's coming along though. One of those deals.......

Hope you got to ride some roads or trails this past weekend. Me? I'm still on the Road To Recovery.


B said...

All the best to you guys. I hope you all bounce back quickly. A reminder to enjoy our healthy riding days all the more. Merry Xmas GT and thanks for the great blog.

Scott said...

We always look forward to reading your blog! Great insight and attitude. Hope you and the family get well soon!

MMcG said...

Hockey! Nice!!!

MG said...

Glad you're on your way back.please send the Mrs. my wishes to get well soon!

Guitar Ted said...

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. @MG: I'll say something to her. She's up and at it now as I type this, so she's definitely on the mend.

gearedup2go said...

Those stomach viruses can be really nasty. Perhaps both you and your beloved should make a date at your local ER for IV therapy to rehydrate. All kidding aside you probably became dehydrated and your electrolytes got out of wack big time. Wishing you and yours a quick(er) recovery.