Sunday, December 04, 2011

Trans Iowa V8: Post Cards!!

With every Trans Iowa since 2007, I have witnessed some awesome creativity on the part of you- the T.I. participants. I never really knew what to do with all of them, (by the way, I have kept a lot of them!), and I have found that sharing them on my blog turns out to be fun and a good outlet for this stuff.

Trans Iowa uses a system of postcard entry, and with that, entrants are free to be creative with the entries, as long as they are legible and completely filled out. This year my family helped judge the top cards I have received. So, for your viewing pleasure, here are the ones we thought deserved merit as the cards chosen to seen on this blog this time around.....(click for enlargement!)

Obligatory Trans Iowa reference, with style!

Obligatory Pork reference. This was the best. 

Obligatory training reference: This wins for creativity
Not really sure what the context is, but it is weird!
Obligatory cycling reference. Nostalgia points.

Gotta Love These Guys!
Shock Value
Somber rural scene FTW!

Director's Choice Award

That's All Folks!

22 spots left to fill, and 9 of those go to the Rookie Class. looks like by Monday that class should fill out. I suspect the next day, or Wednesday by the latest, the event will be full. I'll post comments on the roster after we get it done and closed, but there is much to say from my perspective that I have found interesting. Stay tuned!

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