Saturday, December 17, 2011

Triple D Training Update

Okay, so this event is a month away now and Christmas, New Years, my wedding anniversary, and all that goes with that stands between my training and the time of this event.

Who came up with this schedule anyway?

No snow either......yet!
Then you add in the fact that I was pretty much totally out of whack health-wise for a week. It started a week ago with a severe stomach virus and shooting fluids out of both ends until I was so dehydrated that I had a piercing head ache, and muscle cramping to the point I couldn't sleep well, if at all. This went on until Tuesday, when I was able to retain anything without spontaneous eruption, and the long road to recovery began there.

So, needless to say, my chemistry has been unbalanced for a while, and even just casually riding to work and back was a major undertaking. I did get that night ride in, and then Friday afternoon I finally got a proper training ride in again, the first in well over a week.

So, preparation for this event is waaaay off schedule!

That's why these Holidays are really going to mess with things. I just don't see myself getting into any kind of a groove going into this deal. So, ya know what? I'm just going to go for a ride that day. 

Did some pond circumnavigating....
Oh, don't get me wrong- I am going to triple D, toeing the line, and riding, but that is exactly it- I will be out for a ride that day.

I have zero designs on being in any semblance of "shape" or "fitness" for this deal. Not after being drug down to the edge, having my health in such disarray for over a week, and then not being able to schedule anything close to "regular" training up to the event.

Truth be told, I am still not up to 100%, and if I push things too far, to soon, I won't get back to 100%. I just had to mentally make peace with that for this event. I have to set a different goal, and for this event, it is going to be exploring a new area by bike. Others will be racing. I will be riding. For fun.

So, there ya have it. If I can even cover a majority of the miles others get in, then fine. That will be a win for me. I just have to concenterate on getting better at this point.


Joboo said...

Riding for fun?? You make it sound like such a bad thng?
I've read enough of your stuff to know that's totally not how you mean it, but it struck me how you put it.
I've done the race thing, my nose doesn't go that high in the air, and when I poo, I (and everybody else), wishes that it did smell like roses!!!! Ha Ha
We all started out riding for fun; if it gets not fun; time to bring back that fun!! Yeah!!
Get well, and have FUN GT!!! ;)


Unknown said...

Join the 12 Days of Riding Challenge I'm sponsoring. Don't need to go anywhere, just out your door. Good for your motivation and mine. Check my blog:

MrDaveyGie said...

Anybody that makes it to the start line is a winner. Most don't do it, many couldn't do it. I will be riding out there that day myself.