Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hurry Up And Wait

Inspired by Ben Witt's Sawyer
I've been sprucing up some of the "fleet" lately in the thought that Spring must surely be coming our way any day now. I've put together a few combinations and parts to get certain sleds ready for the dirt, and I've been getting a little project going for a gravel grinder to add to the fleet here as well.

Saturday it was awesome out, Sunday wasn't too shabby either, and Monday, which was forecast to be sort of crappy, turns out to be a smashing day with bright sunshine and the first 70°F day of 2013. I even rode home in shirt sleeves for the first time and was seriously considering breaking out the shorts for the remainder of the week.

However; when I get outside to chat with my neighbor, he is looking all downcast and talking about a snowstorm. What? I didn't believe him at first, but he looked convinced that we were headed back to Winter's icy grip for at least a short time more.

Sure enough, I check the weather and tales of wintry woe are being woven all across the internet for places West, Northwest, and North of us. While we may see a stray snowflake or two down this way, it looks like it will mostly be rain, cold, windy, and dreary. Just the sort of weather that brings on the outdoor cyclists in me. (Right!)

Been tweakin' on this one for Spring....
Well, well, well! It looks like another postponed trail date. I keep thinking, "Another day or two, then I'll get out there", when it turns against me again. Rats! This is worse than getting old. Worse than "long in the tooth".  I have rigs I need to get tested, which I thought I'd be about done with by now, and more stuff sittin' in the wings. It weighs on the mind.

Then there is Trans Iowa recon coming up this weekend, which for now looks like will be a sunny, albeit cool, day for finishing up on that. I just hope this mess gets on outta here a little sooner than they think and the recon doesn't get screwed up. That would be disastrous if it did get postponed. The recon is necessary to insure that the directions get checked again, (although they have been double checked already), and that we see that the roads I chose are all still open as of now. If there is a closure, (like we found last year), I can re-write the cues for that before printing.

But however it all goes, I am back into the waiting mode......again....for who knows how long now. I've been scrambling, hurrying, to get things dialed to ride, now I've got myself all dressed up and nowhere to go.

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Anonymous said...

HAve faith,ol friend,trail will come to you. I'm sorry it gets postponed again,but hey,y'all got some of the sunny we been getting over the weekend,a teaser to get you ready! :)

The DC