Friday, April 19, 2013

No Vacancy In The Brain Hotel

I am suspending the normal "Friday News And Views" post today because I can't begin to even consider anything outside of Trans Iowa at the moment. There just isn't any room for other thoughts in the brain right now. So, here I go, and hopefully this post will be somewhat therapeutic and allow me some peace.

So, the big news is that "Trans Iowa Radio" will be happening on Mountain Bike Radio's site, but with a twist! Here's the deal: There will be a page on Mountain Bike Radio, (go here), which has this phone number- 888-573-4329- which I will be calling in updates to, but racers will be able to also use this number! Mountain Bike Radio will then make sure these calls are "ready for prime time" and then post them up as audio files for you all out there to listen to. So, this should enhance the experience for listeners as they get the real, from the saddle thoughts of riders and my rambling anecdotes as always. Plus, racers can communicate to supporters all over how they are doing, call out sponsors, and just generally give folks a different perspective on Trans Iowa which hasn't ever been available before.

Social Media: Which all brings me to the social media aspect of this event. I realize almost everyone has a smart phone. I know that in the past people have utilized cell phones as a way to allow folks to call and support them psychologically and logistically. While I and the volunteers can not stop you from using your phones this way, it isn't in the spirit of the event, and if we see any blatant use of phones in this manner we will approach you and ask you to stop it, or risk being DQ'ed. Yes- you can Facebook, Tweet, and use the Mountain Bike Radio messaging number. That's all one way communication, and totally cool with me. 

Besides, the more you try to text, Tweet, Facebook, and whatever with your phone, the faster you are going to drain your battery, and then what? Yeah.....unless you are sporting the new dynamo hubs that charge smartphones, you are probably going to roach your battery in short order, because you will be in areas not covered by cell phone towers. So, just be wise with your use of social media, and make sure you have a cell phone that works, ya know.........just in case! 

GPS units are also cool to use as your computer or to record your data. Don't try to navigate with it, or with your cell phone, because that also breaks the spirit of the rules of Trans Iowa. Again, my feeling is that there is no good way to do "turn-by-turn" directions for this event and get done in the time limitations present. You won't have time to mess around with that. (Think about trying to enter data from the cue sheets at Checkpoint #1. Yeah.....go ahead and waste that precious time!) 

 Okay, that's about it for this entry. Tomorrow I will throw up a schedule of events and this will include a bunch of stuff going on outside of Trans Iowa proper aimed at those of you who will be hanging out in the Grinnell area that weekend. Stay tuned.....

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