Monday, April 29, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: Another One In The Books.

My Last Minute View @ T.I.V9 Before I Left

Many, many, many things to process through here. Words are not coming easily for this edition of Trans Iowa.

The Obvious: So, I will take solace in reporting a few facts just now. Hopefully I can unpack this experience in the coming days, but right now, I am a swirling, emotional, tired mess. That said, there are so many cool stories.....

So, the biggest field took the start in Trans Iowa history at 91 individuals. This included the biggest rookies class at 51, and the most women that have ever started in one Trans Iowa at 9. This produced the most finishers in any Trans Iowa at 36 folks. (Note: I know many of you heard me say 30 at the finish, but I inadvertently overlooked 6 folks that I had marked as finished but I hadn't put a "star" by their names as I was doing for the other finishers.)

  1. Rich Wince- Open Mens @ 5:11am
  2. Mark Johnson SS/Fixed @ 6:32am
  3. Paul LaCva Open Mens @ 6:40am Monika Sattler Open Women @  Same Time
  4. Matt Maxwell SS/Fixed @ 7:55am
  5. David Swanson Open Mens @ 8:04am
  6. Janna Vavre Open Women (2nd)  @ 8:10am Scott Bigelow Opem Mens @ Same Time Paul Chapman Open Mens @ Same Time
  7. Charles Parsons Open Mens @ 8:29am
  8. Jay Barre SS/Fixed @8:39am Paul Errington Open Mens @ Same Time
  9. Steve Fuller Open Mens @ 8:49am Tim Ek Open Mens @ Same Time
  10. Paul Carpenter Open Mens @ 8:51am
  11. Ben Oney Open Mens @ 8:57am Chris Wells  Open Mens @ Same Time Mike Johnson Open Mens @ Same Time
  12. Matt Scotton Open Mens @ 10:04 am
  13. Craig Irving Open Mens @ 10:39am
  14. Dan Buettner Open Mens @ 11:18am
  15. Josh Lederman Open Mens @ 11:30am
  16. Andrea Cohen Open Women (3rd) @ 11:39am
  17. Kevin Doggett Open Mens @ 11:55am
  18. Jeff Burnett Open Mens @ 12:08pm Brad Patty Open Mens @ Same Time Derek Weider Open Mens @ Same Time
  19. Allen Brunner Open Mens @ 12:24pm
  20. Brian Gillies  @ 12:38pm Christina Mihaescu Open Women SS/Fixed (1st) Same Time
  21. Pete Jaros SS/Fixed @ 12:48pm
  22. Alex Oenes Open Mens (Volunteer exemption category) @ 12:58pm
  23. Brian Terhark Open Mens @ 1:11pm
  24. Matt Jennings SS/Fixed @ 1:22pm Matt Wills SS/Fixed @ Same Time John Welsh SS/Fixed @ Same Time
Congratulations to all who finished and all who toed the line and experienced Trans Iowa V9 in any way. Thank you for coming to Trans Iowa!

Thank You!!! My Volunteers at Checkpoint #1 and Checkpoint #2. You guys and gals were awesome once again. Thanks to Rob Versteegh and the crew at The Barn for enhancing our experience and being super fans of cycling and Trans Iowa!

Okay....stories to come. Stay Tuned!!!

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Unknown said...

Awesome, awesome event, thanks to the organizational team especially and loved the TI radio. Some of those racer call-in's were just priceless! Way to go!