Friday, April 26, 2013

Trans Iowa V9: The Pre-Race Jitters

Welcome to the series of posts concerning Trans Iowa V9. Look for this series of posts to last through next week. For live updates from myself and perhaps some racers, look for my Trans Iowa Radio posts on Mountain Bike Radio here.

Signing on
It would seem that several folks are pretty nervous about this year's event. I've heard the obvious stuff you'd expect from Rookies. I've heard a few nervous things you might expect from Veterans, and I've even heard a story concerning a seasoned Finisher that indicates to me that Trans Iowa tends to be taken pretty seriously.

It should.....and then again, it is just a bicycle ride, afterall. But I think it does show that Trans Iowa is a challenge most riders do not take lightly. And I don't take it lightly either.

So, since I don't ride it, why is that? Well, it is a challenge for me as well. A challenge to get the cue sheets right, to get the volunteers ready and in place. A challenge to see to it that the route is clear and safe to travel just ahead of the riders. If it isn't, it becomes a challenge to make sure I re-route in a clear and concise manner. It is a challenge for me to do this and stay awake for the entire event, or most of it. So yeah.....I don't ride Trans Iowa, but this gig isn't necessarily easy either. Just very unusual. And I get the jitters too.

One good thing about this weekend is that the weather forecast is pretty fantastic. (See the exclusive Trans Iowa forecast by 2WheelWeather here.) At least that part won't be causing any unwanted headaches, or I wouldn't think that it would. There is the past effects of the weather a week ago or so that may be affecting the roads, which I will be checking out today before the 4pm Pre-Race Meat-Up. Riders will be showing up and signing on, eating, and then at 6:00pm, the sign on ceases and anyone not on the list is out. Hopefully that is understood and everyone makes the effort to be on time. 7:00pm is the time for the Pre-Race meeting proper, then we're all off for a fitful night's sleep and an early wake up call for Trans Iowa V9.

The blog posts will be at odd times throughout the weekend, so bear with me. Real time info on Trans Iowa Radio will be found throughout the weekend here. Search the #tiv9 hashtag on Twitter for short updates and maybe some images.

See ya back here Monday.......

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Kate Geisen said...

Very much looking forward to following from afar, and a little nervous about being sucked into the madness for next year. :)

Good luck!!