Saturday, April 20, 2013

Trans Iowa V9 Schedule Of Events

Here is you "Schedule Of Events" for next weekend's running of Trans Iowa V9. Some of these times are "TBA", and I will fill in the blanks as soon as I get confirmation on an exact time for a particular event/happening. Okay? Here we go!

Friday April 26th:

4:00pm: Pre-Race Meat-Up starts at the Grinnell Steakhouse. Riders and support people should get there and start grilling meals. 
4:00pm: Rider Check In- Riders in T.I.V9 should arrive, check in at the event table located near the grill, and get their race number, zip ties/pins, and sign all waivers.
6:00pm: Rider Check In Ends!! If you have not checked in by 6:00pm, you won't be racing.
6:30pm: Racers meet in big room for the Pre-Race meeting proper. This should take about an hour. The T.I.V9 Raffle will also be held during this time.

Saturday April 27th:

3:30am: Riders should be readying themselves in front of Bikes To You in downtown Grinnell on Broad Street. 
3:50am: Riders will be asked to line up for the start.
4:00am: T.I.V9 STARTS! Controlled roll-out through the streets of Grinnell. There will be a blockade on Highway 146 as we cross. The racers can ride in earnest once we cross that highway.

6:30am: There will be a "spirited" and difficult ride of at least 100 miles or so using the first 50 miles of the Trans Iowa course starting from The Barn which is located 3 miles West of Grinnell on Jacob Avenue. (Directions to The Barn will be given at the Pre-Race Meet-Up.) Riders ride at their own risk, no sag, no support is offered nor implied. Route will be based loosely off T.I. cues. Be prepared for an adventure!

6:30am: (Time To Be Announced), Riders may organize a more casual paced, shorter ride as well on gravel.Riders ride at their own risk, there is no sag, no support, nor is there any intentions for such during this ride. Ride will be based loosely of T.I. cues. Be prepared for an adventure!

5:30pm:  , The Barn will open for the evening. There should be some adult beverages, Tacopocalypse will be slinging tacos, and updates from the race will be broadcast to anyone present via Mountain Bike Radio, Facebook, and Twitter. Camping will be available around the Barn site, but there are no restrooms or running water there. Also, folks coming out are encouraged to bring their own beverages. There is also a grill if you want to bar-be-que your own vittles. The Barn will stay open all evening/morning...

Sunday April 28th:

Riders Finishing Trans Iowa: Typically I would  never expect riders earlier than 5am. That would be on an exceptionally good weather year. If there are winds, rains, or both, early rider arrivals will not happen until 8:00am and later. But however that goes down, if there are finishers, you can welcome them in at The Barn, as that is the finish line for T.I.V9. Keep your ears pressed to Mountain Bike Radio for the latest updates on when you might expect someone to show up at The Barn.Riders should trickle in all throughout the morning and early afternoon.

2:00pm: Trans Iowa Ends. The cut off for riders to finish is 2:00pm, so after this time we will shut down the event, clean up, and everyone will bug outta there for their respective homes.

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