Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working On It

So there has been a lot of last minute preparations being done here at the house for this weekend's Trans Iowa V9. Lots of manual labor going on!

A pile of cues for Checkpoint Alpha to Checkpoint Bravo
I hand cut all the cues into their final shape, then arranged them in sets, and then bagged them. All that but the first set from Grinnell to Checkpoint Alpha are done now. The hold up? Ran out of Zip Locs!

Yeah.....it may not be all fancy, but it gets the job done! 

Then I have to get all that first set into race bags along with the sponsored product sent in from Gu Energy. All the stuff I am getting for this years event is going in your bags. Notice: There will be no energy product at checkpoints this year! So do not count on anything at any checkpoint. There will be nuthin! No water, no food. Just some folks handing you your next set of cues, (that is- if you get there on time!)

You will have to survive on your decisions on what you carry for grub and water. There will be convenience stores, and I suggest that you use them! Going by one without stopping may be your undoing. As I have said: all riders should carry supplies to get by for 100 miles to start, and resupply to keep that up through the event. Oh yeah.....did I mention that most Iowa convenience stores close at night Saturday around 11pm? So there is that factor as well. Just be careful about water and food.

The weather? Have you checked it out? It looks awesome this year. If what they are laying out comes true, it could be the best weather since T.I.V3. That would be incredible! Anyway, supposedly there is going to be a custom weather forecast for Trans Iowa up here. Last I checked none of the links were live yet, but keep checking. UPDATED: I am told now that the weather links are up and working. Click through for the latest word on weather for Trans Iowa.

Okay....back to work here!


MG said...

Yeah! Thanks for all your work, Brother. See you soon.


Unknown said...

Mark or any TI veteran, Are the cue sheets 4.25" X 5.5"? Will they fit in the Banjo Brothers cue sheet holder? I see they are bagged just wondering if they'll fit in my cue sheet holder. Thanks for all your work!


Guitar Ted said...

@Josh Lederman: They are 106mm X 120mm.

MG said...

Perfect... Thanks again!

Ben Welnak said...

Weather links are live and expect some detail about the potential fog and Sunday morning winds.