Sunday, September 28, 2014

Trans Iowa V11: What You Won't See

Your tour guide- Guitar Ted (Image by J Fry)
The recon process usually produces some weird findings. There have been slaughtered pigs in plastic 55 gallon barrels, broken down pianos, discarded roadside sofas, and various flattened and decaying animals over the years. I never cease to be amazed by what we find out in the boondocks.

It only makes sense that people think "no one will find this out here" because of the rural nature of this area. It also goes to show you that you shouldn't think that way. Somebody always finds what you don't want them to. Eventually.

Of course, there are a few roads and features that never make the cut for a Trans Iowa course for one reason or another. We found a lot of that kind of thing this year because of how much of the course we drove and the higher percentage of dead ends and bad features we found this time. I decided to share this post showing what fell on the cutting room floor. Things you will not see on Trans Iowa V11. With no further introductions........

For more on this, see tomorrow's post. Imaged just the way we found it here.....
Old cedar tree decorated with various cans and bottles.
A major re-route cut this dirt road out of the course. Don't worry. There are others that will be on T.I.V11.
It's been dry lately, yet this crossing is too wet for a Trans Iowa. It was routed around and won't be included in T.I.V11
Freshly graded road. All black earth. Marked as "closed". We routed around this to avoid potential conflict. 
This cool, twisty road was axed due to no good way to route it through a certain city that shall remain nameless.
Look for a recon report on what will actually be on the course tomorrow. Well.......don't think I'll give anything away. It's more just a story about the day. But there will be a bit about what to expect. Stay tuned.....


Scott Redd said...

I wonder what's on that hard drive. :)

Steve Fuller said...

All of those roads still look like good ones to be explored on a bike sometime. :)

Guitar Ted said...

@Steve Fuller: I agree. I think a short loop of some of the stuff I found with Jeremy could be arranged at some point.