Saturday, September 27, 2014

Recon Day

Good signs.
If you are reading this Saturday morning, I am probably out there.......somewhere. Jeremy and I will be out all day doing T.I.V11 recon. Last year we knocked this out in two sessions. I think Jeremy wants to hit up the entire thing this time!

I'm not so sure I will find that doable, since there are a TON of question marks going into this route. Again, I expect revisions, and you just never know how many roads will be gone, under construction, or just plain suck. Any of those could cause me to scrap a huge part of the course and that would slow us waaaaay down.

Another thing I need to gauge is the B Road count. I haven't a very good handle on how many and where the B Roads are at in this loop. I hope that this recon helps clear that up somewhat. We also need to identify two checkpoint locations, and find where the convenience store opportunities will come at. These are all things that only putting eyes on the land will answer. They may also take up more time in decision making.

So, I feel that if we can achieve at least 170 miles of recon, that will be sufficient. Any more than this will be gravy on top, but I do expect to be back out one more time at least to finish up on loose ends.

It's a great day. You should go for a bicycle ride!

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