Monday, September 22, 2014


Something about the Autumnal light
The first day of Fall found me waiting. (Well- I'm calling it the first day of Fall!) I was waiting to get out to go for a ride, but there were some "first things" that had to be done. A trip to buy some shelving and necessary things for the kids. A return of some broken light fixture glass to get new, good glass to complete a major outdoor remodel project I am wrapping up. You know.....stuff. 

Then I had to wait some more as we were dog watching for the neighbors and my wife was out getting groceries. After all of this and a late lunch, I was cleared for take off.

The bike was the Sawyer with the B+ wheels on it. Single speed, of course. The direction headed was Northwestward to George Wyth. The twisty-turny trails there are so different from what I see for single track trails elsewhere. I saw a video from a helmet cam the other day, as an example, where the trail was mostly down hill and had what I would call barely a twist from dead straight. Not that these sorts of rides wouldn't be fun, mind you, but I think some folks would be freaked out if they saw how twisted our trails are here.

Sight lines- The length of trail you can "sight" down to the next turn, or to wherever you cannot see the trail ahead. Here those lines are measured in feet. Not yards. Coming to a near stop, carving through the apex at walking speed, and hitting the gas? Normal in spots here. Lots of rear brake to get around the corner, lots of acceleration out of corners, and lots of concentration so as not to smack yourself on the narrow trees lining the trails everywhere. Well, if you aren't me, maybe.......more on that in a bit.

I'm standing at the entrance of the corner and the next is just ahead of my bike.

 The trails were littered with the beginnings of Fall's work, (even though astronomically, Fall doesn't start till Tuesday), and there was a fair amount of moisture in places. Slippery at times. The Trailblazers were gripping though. Cornering with a brrrippp! as the tread ripped along the dry bits of trail. It can lead to a zippy feeling if you can get the rhythm down right, lay off the brakes as much as you can, and trust your tires and bike to get you through the trail.

I learned a long time ago that I pretty much have to take my immediate focus off the trail and think about.....whatever. A sort of disconnected mind set. If I get too involved in thinking about the trail, I usually wipe out. Well, I was doing great, until I hit a patch of sand and ran into a downed log. Slow speed spill. I was okay, but a bit off my "flow". It took a bit for me to get it back, but soon I was zipping right along again.

It was a good ride, and after waiting so long, I think that may have made it all the better.

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