Monday, September 08, 2014

Not Vegas

On a different agenda for 2014
I mentioned it last week, but it struck me just yesterday while I was out riding my bicycle. "I am not on a plane to Las Vegas!"

I'll tell ya, it was awesome to think that and have it be reality.  

Eight straight years of trips to "the show" and I know that isn't anything to some grizzled show vets, but hey- eight was enough. Las Vegas is not my favorite place, I'll admit that right up front, and so when the show started to decline in importance, the fact of where the show is located really weighed heavily on my decision not to go back again this year.

The other thing that I am super stoked about is that I have hit the jackpot on weather here. It couldn't possibly get much better than it has been here the past couple of days. Add in the fact that I am feeling even better and stronger on the bike, and well, I am doubly glad I didn't go to Las Vegas this year for the show. I know- I'll miss seeing a bunch of folks that I only ever get to see once a year. It is a shame it takes Vegas to bring us all into one place. Reminds me of how you never see your extended family until there is a funeral. Fun times with people you should see more often for all the wrong reasons.

So, if you are reading this from the show in Vegas, (doubtful- you're probably too busy setting up a booth or cleaning muck off stuff at the Outdoor Demo from last night's rain storms), I don't mean to gloat, and I truly will miss all of you. But I am glad I am staying home this time. I'm going to try to make the most of it.

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