Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sawyer B+ Update

I had someone ask about posting some images of the tire clearances with the B+ Trailblazer tires from WTB and my Sawyer. So this post will be all about that and some extra info regarding fitting these to some other 29"er frames.

Before I get to the clearance images, I wanted to report on my findings as far as how these fit into some 29"ers I have around here. Interestingly, anything full suspension has been a no-go for B+ Hard tails have all been no problem.

I have a Big Mama Salsa Cycles frame here and an older Gary Fisher Hi-Fi 29"er. The B+ Trailblazer was no where near close to fitting on the Hi-Fi and the yoke shape of the chain stays on the Big Mama pinched in at just the wrong place for the B+ tires to fit there as well. Now those are both older 29"er FS designs, so something newer may be a different story, but it is my opinion that most older 29"er full suspension designs will not fit the B+ Trailblazer.

Now for the Sawyer clearance images......

Chain stay clearance
Seat stay clearance
I probably could shorten the wheel base a bit if I were running geared.
TONS of clearance with the old Fox F-29 fork.
So, it would seem that almost any older hard tail to newer hard tail 29"er will work with B+. Full suspension designs will be a mixed bag. I'm betting most older designs won't work because the tires back then for 29"ers were not that wide and designs were compromised by lack of R&D and design focus. Many newer trail/AM designs may work with the B+ format.

As far as how it affects a 29"er going to the B+ Trailblazer. I can say that anything you may have with a slightly high bottom bracket will have a second personality with B+. It will work really well, and the low pressures you can run, coupled with the crazy good traction will make you smile. The Sawyer seems tailor made for B+, since it has a crazy high BB with 29"er rubber and with the B+ Trailblazer, it reigns that in a bit and the bike is super sweet riding now. I cannot see going back to 29"er hoops on this rig with big tires again due to the better feel and lowered stance that the Trailblazers have brought to the Sawyer.

So, there ya go.


Alex Lepert said...

What rims did you mount those up with? I've got a Sawyer that I'm considering this on as well.

Guitar Ted said...

@Alex Luppert: Velocity Blunt 35's

Paul said...

Ted - do you think the Sawyer could take 3" tyres?

I'm just getting a pair of wheels made up for mine, and am deliberating tyre choice.


Guitar Ted said...

@Paul: I believe it could work, but if you need mud clearances, it may be a bad fit. I saw where a guy had custom made some rear sliders that allowed him to put a 29+ Knard on his Sawywer front and rear, but the rear clearances were tight.

I would rather try a 3" B+ tire, and here's why- Bottom bracket height. As I mentioned in this post, my Sawyer's bottom bracket height is too high with "normal" 29"er wheels and tires for my taste. The B+ wheels would be slightly lower, but 29+ would jack that up even higher, which is why I don't think that wheel format is good on this bike.

Paul said...

Sorry Ted- didn't make myself clear!

I'm think 650b plus, not 29 plus.

Already running a Cotic Solaris with 650b plus Scrapers and WTB Trailblazers, and fancy trying the Sawyer out 650b plus.

If I could run a larger tire like a 3" on the Sawyer, that would be great. Original Sawyer fork, or maybe an On-One Monocoque 29er.

Looking at the WTB Asym i35 rims for this build. SP Dynamo Front hub.

Guitar Ted said...

@Paul: No worries! As I say, if you run one of the WTB B+ tires, it probably will be okay. Even the Vee Tire Trax Fatty probably will work with those rims, but I have to think mud clearance will be compromised with that frame. Stick with the WTB tires on those Asym rims and I think you'll be golden.