Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Quick Ride On The Edge Of Fall

Well, it has been cooler than normal, maybe, but whatever.... If you haven't been stealing some ride time here you are nuts! This has been the best weather ever for single track riding around here.

It's funny how I've been seeing images from the Rockies and Alaska showing Fall in all its raging glory already while here things are just getting started. Blushes of color, a sprinkling of leaves, nuts on the ground.

I suppose Fall gets going in a flash and ends in a hurry in these other places, but here, in the Mid-West, it can be a long, slow burn. It is good from my standpoint, since Fall is what I consider the primo time for riding in the woods. The longer the transition to Winter, the happier a guy that I am. Yes......I like Winter, but it is the woods and single track that I love more. Certainly, a long, drawn out Fall would be my choice, even at the expense of a fat biking paradise featuring miles of packed snow trails.

So, on the edge of Fall I am hoping for a long drawn out season of woodsy riding, not a flash in the pan color fest and then a quick turn to snowy, frigid whiteness.

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