Saturday, April 14, 2018

Minus Ten Review- 15

The first ride with MG was pretty much like every ride with him since, fun and fast!
Ten years ago on the blog here I was yakking a lot about three things, mainly- The upcoming Trans Iowa, Sea Otter, and bad weather. Well, ten years later it seems that we are experiencing deja vu.

Today the weather is pretty "craptastic". Here's an excerpt from ten years ago about the weather:

"Well, we're stuck in this seeming holding pattern of crap-tastic weather lately. I wake up this morning to the sound of rain and see that the temperature is a balmy 37 degrees Fahrenheit. Great!"

Sound familiar? 

Then there is the Trans Iowa bit. Another excerpt from ten years ago:

" Besides the field work on T.I.V4 I have some organizational work concerning volunteers, photographers, and equipment necessary to put on the event."

Still the same ol' bag ten years down the road! Well, besides the "field work", which was already accomplished last week, thanks to Tony, one of my volunteers. Then there is Sea Otter. Did you know I almost went this year? Almost. Next year I probably will be on duty for there. But this year I was spared the trip and my partner Ben is going to be there.  

Another momentous occasion happened ten years ago, and that was the chance I got to ride with my (now) good friend, MG. I didn't know him all that well ten years ago, but this ride was a good way to get to know him, and I owe the pleasure all to MG, who went out of his way to make this ride happen on a really crappy day. Thanks MG! 

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