Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Trans Iowa v14: Things Are Getting Real

The Bar Yak Q-Pro Cue Sheet Holders are on their way out to the winners of the drawing.
Updates & News:

Our sponsor for the 2018 version of Trans Iowa, Bar Yak, provided three Q-Pro Cue Sheet Holders for three winners drawn from respondents to the last rider email I sent out. Didn't see the e-mail? Well, I made plenty of mentions here and on the Trans Iowa v14 site to get a hold of me if you did not. Too late now.....

The winners, drawn by random number selection by my two children and a friend of theirs, are Adrienne Taren, Al Brunner, and Robert Kiefer. Their packages are on their way.... Thank you Bar Yak!

The Trans Iowa v14 header art has been digitized and sent off to my partner in, Ben Welnak, who does lazer etched promotional goodies for events and whatnot. Those items will be getting produced in the near future and will show up at the event as schwag for the riders. Thanks Ben!!

Also- the original logo for Trans Iowa is being reproduced on black t-shirts with white printing for the volunteers of T.I.v14. I did not hear back from every volunteer regarding this, so I ordered a couple extra of every size just in case. (That said, all the size Large shirts are already spoken for) These are super-limited and ONLY for volunteers. Thanks Volunteers of T.I.v14!!

  Printed on a black T- FOR VOLUNTEERS ONLY!
Recon of the course for the final time is happening TODAY! (I'm not on this ride this time) The independent recon will reveal any flaws in the cues and whether or not we have issues with road closures or not. Of course, anything can happen between now and then with the roads, but that's why MG and I go forth ahead of the intrepid riders, making any reroutes necessary on the fly. But that said......

Cues, once verified and corrected, if necessary, will go to the printer and then we will separate them out into sets and seal them until the day of the event. 

Trans Iowa Radio: The big announcement is that Trans Iowa Radio will ride again for T.I.v14. The details will be like the last few times we've done this with, our exclusive Trans Iowa Radio source. If you haven't ever heard about this, Trans Iowa Radio is a rider call-in feature that allows riders to call a number and leave a message which then gets posted by to a special Trans Iowa Radio page where anyone can check in and listen to the action.

This is a good way for relatives, friends, and fans of riders to keep tabs on their progress throughout the 34 hour event. It is interesting to hear how the demeanor and condition of each rider changes by the tone of their voice throughout the event's progress. Plus, I will be chiming in from time to time with updates from the front of the event and any rider DNF's or other course info I can gather while the event is in progress. Every year I get sounding worse and worse as the event goes on and you can hear my deteriorating mind function with every update! Exciting, I know, but someone has to do it! We even give you instant results! Who else does that? Check out last year's Trans Iowa Radio here.

Finally- If you are reading this and are on the roster for Trans Iowa v14, and if you know you are not ready, or something is going to prevent you from showing up April 27th, won't you please let me know? Several folks have already been courteous enough to do just that and have saved me and my volunteers money, time, and energy already. Don't be a dick and not show up without advance notice. Just a quick e-mail is all it takes. Thanks!

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I love trans iowa radio! Thanks guys!