Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Last Gasp

Not bad......if it is December!
Well, this early Spring is shaping up to be quite the bust here. Winter keeps punching back. After Arctic cold Saturday morning Sunday brought snow which started at about noon here and went on all the rest of the day until it was well after dark.

The snow amounts were in the five to six inch category here, so fat biking was in store for the commute to work. I ended up plowing my own trail in several spots. It was easy snow to navigate with heavier, wetter snow on the base and fluffy stuff on top.

Then it warmed up and the snow melt was on. When I came home it was really sloppy where there was grass. Mud was in plentiful supply. The wide fat bike tires made short work of that.

Now it looks as though we will finally see some warmer weather, albeit with rain. That's probably okay, since we are in somewhat of a deficit when it comes to rain in these parts. Creeks and rivers are low, so a bit of rain would do well. Plus, as a bonus, it could wash the grime of winter off the streets and bike paths, which would be really nice.

My next concern is the rescheduled Geezer Ride for this Saturday. It seems that the temperatures are going to be fine, but there is a 24% chance, (as of the time I wrote this) of rain and thunderstorms. If that happens, we're done. There would be no Geezer Ride this spring.

I don't have the schedule to reschedule due to the oncoming date for Trans Iowa v14, which is the 28th-29th. I need to get beyond that and then in two weeks or so after that I have Almanzo 100 support. Then about three weeks after that I have to go to the DK200, and then.....

Then it will be about time for it to snow again!

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Michael said...

Eau Claire supposably has a couple nice days coming up and then a return to cold and cruddy for a few days before, hopefully, warming up for good. Our lack of spring has really knocked me off my game. I’ve just been doing my commuting, almost no recreational riding in the last month or so.