Saturday, April 07, 2018

Minus Ten Review -14

Much of what was my On One Inbred went on the new OS Bikes Blackbuck
Ten years ago on this blog things were much like they are going to be coming up here. All about Trans Iowa!

I had my new co-director, David Pals on board, and things were going well, so far.... That would be a different story come race weekend, but I will get into that later.

Interestingly, this Trans Iowa was to have multiple checkpoints. The first one that was planned this way. Previous Trans Iowas had one checkpoint about mid-way through the event. There was some discussions between David and I back then where we felt that having more than one checkpoint would help us cut down on possible cheating issues we were thinking might be happening out there. Checkpoints were at 110 and 207 miles, with the ending in Decorah, Iowa again. This Trans Iowa, up until this year, was the longest devised Trans Iowa at 345 miles. You'll note that it wasn't the longest Trans Iowa, and therein lies the story!

Like I said, I'll get to that later this month....

Anyway, Twin Six also invited me back on their team again for the second year. I was on it the year before this as well. It is kind of embarrassing, perhaps, but I still have and use the water bottles I got from them that year. Those things just never go bad! Well, they look awful, but if you keep 'em clean, they last a heck of a long time.

I had a local riding friend at that time that turned me on to a local to us anodizer and we had some parts anodized. I put many of them on my then new OS Bikes Blackbuck. The cranks are still spinning great to this day too. Oh, and I linked to a single speed related article back then too. A great read written by Andy Corson, formerly of Surly Bikes. Check it out here.

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