Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Renegade Gent's Race Steed

This will be the rig going to Slater, Iowa Saturday.
So, I have a question for everyone today. How's your February going? (You who live in the Mid-West will understand!)

Man! I tell ya, this weather is outlandish. It was 19°F yesterday at noon here and I had to pry open the vehicle's doors since they were all frozen shut in the morning. With the Sun at such a high angle, the ground, where it is bare, is soft and melted, yet the air temperature and Northwest wind say it is still Winter yet. Such an odd combination of things going on with the climate here. I've not seen anything like it in a long time, if ever.

And this isn't going away in time for the weekend's Renegade Gent's Race. It will be cold at the start. Probably in the upper teens, and it will only reach the mid-thirties for the day. At least the winds are supposed to be light! Then I see where the area may receive a little snow Friday. If that is the case the roads may be messy. Fenders would be nice. The Raleigh Tamland has them and that bike has proven its mettle in bad conditions already this season, whatever "this season" is. It certainly isn't Spring!

I'm liking the set up on that bike so far, but I probably will add a seat pack or a top tube Tangle Bag to add a bit more cargo space for clothing. I've a feeling I may want to swap out gloves, as an example.  I played around with a few options on Wednesday to see what I thought might work best.

It was a good thing the Easter Sunday ride was a cold one, because it will mimic what I am about to experience Saturday. I have a good idea of what to wear and what to do about my feet. I am very close to pulling the trigger on installing flats so I can wear warmer footwear. That said, I think a good vapor barrier on the feet will keep me warm.

Stay tuned for a report on the event for this coming Monday.

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