Monday, April 23, 2018

Trans Iowa v14: A Note On Riding Gravel


Okay, with five days to go until T.I.v14, here are a few things I think we will need to be keeping in mind for the event as riders.
  • The weather has finally broken and warmer weather has hit Iowa with a vengeance. This means that farmers will be trying to get out into the fields. This will be happening especially if we miss the rain forecast for Thursday and Friday. If that happens I will require that all riders dismount and allow Ag equipment to pass. Today's equipment is huge and takes up the entire roadway. Don't even think about trying to ride by this stuff. 
  • Of course, if it rains, especially on Friday, then all bets are off in terms of heavy Ag traffic, but there will be a lot of farmers moving things around getting ready for the planting season. This means that, more than ever, you must ride on the right side of the road! Especially when cresting hills. Anyone observed not doing so by myself or my volunteers will run the risk of being DQ'ed. We're taking this seriously. 
  • Another major issue we had a few years ago is emergency vehicles and riders not yielding to them the right of way. Yes......emergency vehicles on gravel roads. It happens. ALL riders will be required to dismount and stand aside on the edge of the road when emergency vehicles displaying lights and sirens pass by. If I hear of any violations, I will summarily DQ anyone in the vicinity of the incident. The last time this happened it took a week of back and forth with a volunteer fire department chief to get things settled down. I DO NOT plan on having to do this again. 
  • In the case of inclement weather, riders must ascertain what is the safe decision to make and  MAKE THE CORRECT DECISION! It isn't worth it to continue to ride if the weather becomes dangerous. In fact, the event well could be terminated early if weather gets too far out of hand. See Rule #16 for more.

So, Ride Right, get off the road for emergency vehicles, and get off the road for agricultural equipment.  Seems pretty simple, no?

Now for a few reminders.......
  • Pre-Race Meat-Up: You MUST ATTEND THIS! Doors open at 4:00pm on the 27th at the Grinnell Steakhouse where you must sign waivers and are encouraged to patronize the Steakhouse by buying dinner and/or drinks. Then at 7:00pm the meeting proper starts where you will receive your race packets and your race numbers. I will try to get you out of there well before 8:00pm. 
  • The event starts at 4:00am, but you MUST BE AT THE START AREA BY 3:30am! We will begin to arrange the riders in order to file them through the cue sheet hand out line where your race number will be observed on the front of your bike and your number matched with our records. Then you will receive a cue sheet packet and be told to line up behind the lead out vehicle. This process will cease at 3:50am. If you are late, you will not ride in T.I.v14. Don't even bother trying to get there late. 
  • At 3:55am I will make some final remarks.....
  • 4:00am the event lead out vehicle pulls out and T.I.v14 is underway. 
My goal for this Trans Iowa is that everyone be smart, ride safely, and avoid calamity. We can only insure these things if we follow the practices advised here, but in the end YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

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