Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Looking At The End Of The Year

Considering a century on this rig.

 Well, it's about time to start thinking about wrapping up 2021 here at G-Ted Productions. Time is running out to 'git-er-dun' this year as the season winds down and Winter approaches. I've got a couple of ideas I'd like to check out before the white stuff gets on the ground- if it does- in 2021. 
I've been happy to have gotten going- finally - and logging in two century-plus days on the bike so far, but I want to add one more. At least one more. Then I'd say 2021 was something of a success.  At least for me it would be. 

Last year I did a Single Speed Century. I want to do that again, and I might do that in an event here called the ICGravel. It's happening on the 23rd, so I'd be doing that pretty soon if I register here. I think N.Y. Roll is coming too. Maybe..... We will see. Anyway, that would take the issue of finding a route out of my hands, which honestly, is a good idea because I waffle about what to do too much sometimes. Just best sometimes to have someone hand me a route and say- go! 
And another thing I've been wanting to do is the Fat Bike Century again. I have that route already, and the bike- The Ti Muk 2 - is already set up for this. I just need to get on the horse and go do it. Maybe in November. A last-gasp ride in 2021! Ha! Anyway, the Ti Muk has the dynamo hub, so lighting is 'built-in' and I don't have to worry much about how the gravel will be with 4" wide tires. We will see. 

So, another thing: There is a route idea I've had for a couple of years to do but it would require about an hour trip to get to the start and then an hour back again, and well..... I just haven't been motivated to do the windshield time for a four-ish hour long ride. I'd really like to do the route, but it isn't a big priority at this time. Maybe if things don't pan out with the Fat Bike Century? Who knows....
And then there is the blog stuff which will come on at the end of November here with my 'year in review' posts, my "Bikes of 2021" posts, and more. So, all of that and regular "Fall Views" ride reports and eventually "Brown Season" posts. 
Stay tuned.....

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