Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New Series Forms

100 Mile Races To Join Forces

The report coming from this morning might be a surprise for some. I think it's an inevitable result of the rising popularity of ultra-endurance events across this nation, and the world. It is an ambitious endeavor, none the less, with events taking place in the East and in the Rocky Mountains. Competitors that are willing to join in the fray would have to ante up alot of cash and time off to get a chance to be a top placer in the standings. Especially with the format that the promoters are using, which is based on points given for your time behind the winner of your class. Fewer points mean a higher standing in the overall series. Tough to do if you can't make a race or two. Does this mean it's really only for the elite, sponsored, full time ultra endurance athlete? Sounds that way to me.

Australians to run a "solo only" 24hr event.

Australians have their own rules for football, so why not for 24 hour races too? The solo only field idea is pretty cool. Add to that the fact that you must be out on course at the 24 hour mark to be tabulated as a finisher and I think you've got a pretty cool format. Not that you couldn't wait awhile and then run out there for a last lap, but at least the winner wouldn't be sleeping in his tent at the finish! Check it out also on scroll down a bit!

And in the world of 29"ers........

Trans Iowa V2 sponsor Badger Cycles owner Rob Pennel has a pretty cool "sketch" for a different frame going on. The discussion can be found here on Check it out! If you are the lucky winner of a custom Badger Cycles frame at Trans Iowa this year you might be able to persuade Rob to tackle one of these for you, with a couple extra bucks thrown in! That sort of frame will definitely cost you more, even if you win a free frame, since the prize is for one of Badger Cycles standard frame designs, but hey! You could always ask! Heh heh!

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