Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's Coming Together......Finally!

Some of the regulars that stop by here might remember something about an Inbred 29"er that I was building.......or not! Well, tax know, money? Well, they came in, so I can now proceed to get the finishing parts for the build. My frame did not come with the fork, so I was going to wait for a carbon Bontrager Switch Blade. Apparently, they are on a delayed schedule, so I found an Inbred fork online and got it coming. It ended up being cheaper by about $50.00, too! I saw on Friday that my wheel components arrived to lace up the Salsa Delgado Disc rims to my purple Surly disc hubs, so hopefully I'll have some photos to share with you all later in the week. The only major components that are still up in the air are the brakes, saddle, handle bar, and possibly the stem, depending on handle bar choice. I hope to be riding this bike before the end of the month. If it all goes well, I'll be using it at Dirty Kanza, but we'll see.

Speaking of that event, it reminds me that I have some proof reading of Trans Iowa cue sheets to do! Yesterdays wind reminded me a whole bunch of last years T.I. I can see why so many bailed out. Not only does the constant blast make you feel like you're going uphill all the time, but it dehydrates you pretty seriously. I was getting into a depleted state myself. Working so hard makes you sweat more, and then the wind is sucking you dry, as well. Major adjustments to the hydration schedule will have to be made if it's windy at Dirty Kanza. And how could it not be! They aren't real big on trees down there!

Well, the hamstrings are sore today, but other than that, I'm just tired. I spun out the legs for about 40 minutes today before the wind, cold and rain set in. It's weird to hear thunder when it's in the 30's outside! Oh well! It looks as though the blustery weather is here to stay for awhile, too. Makes me think of Belgium!

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