Monday, March 20, 2006

It's Official

Today is the day. Spring starts here at around 12:30pm CST. Whoopee! It sure doesn't seem to be in a hurry to come in reality. The hundreds of springtime robins are standing around seeming to be waiting for spring to get started. Cold, windy, wet, and generally unpleasant conditions abound with a few sunny days thrown in for good measure. And the snow! South and west of us they are getting pummeled! Especially Kansas and Nebraska. I guess it could be worse here. O.K..........shutting up now!

It's also officially bike season in Iowa. This means that my hours at the shop will increase. Yippee! It also means that I will start getting questions about RAGBRAI again. I had a look at the route this weekend. One word........hilly! If it's a typically hot and humid summer, this ride is going to hurt people! They were trumpeting the fact that for the second year in a row there would be no gravel sections. That's okay, we got ya covered there, buddy! Last week, I attended a funeral for a very cool guy. He was a cyclist. A really good one too. Anyway.......the pastor mentioned this in his sermon and said that ,"...he really enjoyed going on that RAGBRAI race every year"! Crazy! A race! Riiiigggghhht! Unfortunately, lots of folks actually believe that.

Speaking of racing, it's officially that season in Iowa now too. Lots of events coming up. The one that Mr.24 is concerned about now isn't in this state, but down south o here a bit. Looks to be a challenging task! For me, all I'm concerned about is this one, although I might get into something shorter as a tune up.'s all dependant upon the time available. We'll see!

Now, this post is officially over! Get offa this screen and back to work, ya lazy!

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