Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Ted-terview": Patrick Humenny Part II

Today's post is the completion of the Patrick Humenny inteview. I hope you all enjoy this, and I want to thank Paddy for being so gracious to me in participating in this. On to the text.......

G-Ted: While we're on the subject of money, some noise was made last year about entry fees for some of the larger 24 hour venues. Do you see a problem there? Should racers quit whining about this? Or, should promoters cut back on the "extras" to get entry fees down?

Paddy: Ya, I definitely agree that there are certain race organizers out there that are just out there to make a buck, ( give or take a few thou'). I think it could be a problem if it wern't for the fact that there is so many other options out there for 24 hour races....And other endurance events are put on by other organizers. Keep in mind, from what I've seen, categorically speaking, it's the solo racers that are getting the raw deal by certain 24 hour race series companies, ( rhymes with gremalin?). If you went and polled the relay crowd, you might get a different opinion. In the end, it comes down to choice. If the entry fee is too expensive, look elsewhere, it is shitty that guys are trying to monopolize the 24 hour solo racing scene, maybe that's where a "governing body" could come along and make it a fair playing field.... That's another can o' worms though.......

G-Ted: World's, endurance series, and National Championships. Does any of this make sense, or even matter? Is it a good doirection to go in for the sport of endurance racing, or is it a bad thing?

Paddy: Yes and no. I think some form of organization is a great thing for endurance cycling. That doesn't mean that every person that puts on a race has to be affiliated with some governing body. But the growth of endurance racing is at the point where if you wanna call your race the "World Championships", you just have to be the first guy out of the box to do so. It seems like a bit of a "gong show" really.... It seems that, especially in the solo racer camp, it's a bit of a mixed bag, but I think racers are wanting something different, some structure..... Or someone else to host "World's"?.... It's a loaded question, may be getting a loaded answer.... I raced "world's" two years ago, thinking it was the "cat's ass", fairly ignorant to the "politics" surrounding whether or not it was "World's". I guess in a way, I believe until some rider comes along, dethrowns Chris Eatough, with the success he has had in 24 hour solo racing, it's hard not to say that he's the best solo 24 hour racer out there. I think U.S. Nationals at 9 Mile should prove to be the big test of the solo 24 hour talent out there, ( especially in the U.S.) this year. Of course, it may also prove that you don't have to host the "world Championships" to get the best talent going head-to-head.... Perhaps Moab will be the same way.... We'll just have to see who shows up I guess. I wonder how Chris would do riding across Iowa, Kansas, or Nebraska....sans support, on the other side of that, I wonder how I'd do ina a race with full team support. If you want to make a dent in 24 hour solo racing, it's as important (more so, some might say) than your training. I am in no way comparing myself to him, simply letting my mind wander. I'll run for cover now!

G-Ted: Being a Canadian Resident, your training and racing schedules are a bit different. Do you ever have an "off season", or do you go from endurance racing to cycle cross to cross country skiing and back again every year? It seems that while you had your blog, we could see that you were rather busy!

Paddy: I'm not sure if that's because I live in Canada, maybe more because of the climate here in Manitoba, which is much like Minnesota and Wisconsin. The last few years, I've gone from XC races and endurance stuff in the spring and summer, to cyclo-cross in the fall, then to XC ski marathons in the winter months, and back again. I've also been injured more. Broke some ribs last February, messed up my L-5 vetebrae in June, a little carpel tunnel/ tendonitis post T.I.V1, a really messed up swollen knee that I had drained a few times from a bad crash in August, some ill timed food poisoning, blah, blah, blah.... Those injuries over the last yer have definitely made me re-think how much I can handle doing. This last winter, I definitely scaled back on how much skiing I did, as I only did two short races. I guess you could call that an off season.... Getting ready for the coming bike racing season had a bit to do with it..... Hard to say though. I don't feel that I'm at a level where I need to take a couple weeks off or whatever, because I don't put in silly/ crazy hours per week on the bike. If I'm sick, I rest. If I'm injured, I get bitchy....

This time last year, I was just getting back into any type of "shape" after breaking my ribs in February. Bike racing is what I enjoy the most. Classic skiing has more become cross training to keep my heart thumpin' in the winter, as has running, ( more for my dogs sake though) and downhill skiing too, I guess. It sucks, but it's hard being a grown up and not be able to play every day. I'll keep trying though. I guess riding my stationary trainer more lately makes the cycling side of my life seem more serious....specificity training, maybe..... I'm just glad the temps are closer to 0 degrees Celcius these days, nothing beats riding outside with snowbanks still taller than me......and my toes will thaw out, eventually.....I hope.

G-Ted: Speaking of the blog, you have been on, then off, then on, and now off again with that. Is it a distraction for you? Is there any value in the blog culture from an endurance racing standpoint? Maybe we should all just shut up and ride!

Paddy: Ya, computers are dangerous things, at least for me. They're time suckers. You can waste so much time on nothing but trash, and that's even without all the nud-ee stuff! I'd really like to get rid of my computer, but it's pretty hard to register for races these days without one. I think most of the blogs out there are cool, and there is value to them, that is, if you are honest about what you have to say. It really bugs me when I read a blog and I feel that I've just read an advertisement....or bullshit....or both. If you think a product is cool, great. Just quit trying to stuff it down my throat... There was times where I got sucked into that a bit, too. That bothered me.....so I killed mine, a couple times, this time for good. Sorry Mom. Plus, actions speak louder than words seven days a week, and I have some mid-pack results to get!

G-Ted: Any words of sage advice for the endurance racing freaks out there? Beer or Ale? Stout or Mead? Vikings or Ninjas?

Paddy: Sage advice?? Nothing Zen comes to mind.....I guess, stay healthy, try to kep it fun.... Egos aren't cool, and remember, there's always someone faster than you, ( just noticed Dallas touched on this on mtbr)unless you're on the sauce......and I don't mean warm Guinness.....Mmmmm......widgets.

Again, Thanks Paddy! I hope everyone enjoys that! There will be more "Ted-terviews" coming in the future, so look for those soon!

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