Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday Bits and Pieces

Saturday is a lazy day at Guitar Ted Labratories. It's the only day of the week that I allow myself to sleep in, much as one can sleep in with two children! (Parents will understand that!) I also allocate Saturday mornings as family time, so not much excitement in the way of cycling around here today. Here's what I've got for you in no particular order.....

"Ted-terview" with Patrick Humenny: I sent in some e-mail questions to Paddy and he's written me back that he will co-operate with me on an interview. Look for that coming up sometime soon! I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say from his Canadian perspective.

Sea Otter Surprise! I was contacted by a manufacturer popular with the 29"er crowds out there about doing a piece on a new product introduction that they are unveiling at the vendor show at Sea Otter in a couple of weeks. Look for more details coming soon!

More Inbred Build Progress: Last week I posted up the hoops and soon I should have the fork here to install. The brakes are going to be ordered soon along with the handlebar. I should be riding it soon, but maybe not quite by the end of the month, as I had hoped to. Oh well! Look for pictoral documentation to be posted soon!

Speaking Of On One...... Brant, the corporate head honch of On One is cooking up some more madness. They don't even have thier carbon 29"er fork or the new ScandAl frame out yet and they are playing around with something new already. Brant let it slip on today that the company that produces the ScandAl frame is tacking together a carbon and aluminum composite frame for consideration. It sounds like a Six13 kind of a frame, with the top tube, downtube, and seat tube in carbon joined by aluminum bits with an aluminum triangle rear end. Complete madness!

And Speaking Of Complete Madness...... Brant also has indicated that he might make a podcast entry from the U.S.A. available on their U.K. based podcast. Details are sketchy right now, but that might be linked to this site........somehow...........maybe!

Have a great weekend of riding! Spring is springing here!

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